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Balloon Morning

Balloon Morning
by Susan B

 Today, I saw something magical. This bunch of mylar balloons, about 5 balloons in blue and silver, came running down the street. You know how they tie long ribbons to those balloons and then tie the whole bunch to a little weight? The little weight was skimming right down the street in the wind, as fast as a skateboarder or bicycle, running this bunch of balloons down the middle of the street. I wish I had gotten video of it, but it moved so fast, all I could do was watch.

 It was around 6:30 am, so there were some cars, but not too many. Drivers honked at the balloon bunch, as if it would know to get out of the street. They swerved their cars to avoid hitting the balloons. One driver actually yelled, "Get outta the street!" - to a bunch of balloons!! 

And the balloons did get out of the street eventually. The balloons blew up onto someone's stairs and were by their front door. I think how cool if that lady opened her door and took the balloons, because I know she is a sick older lady.